Kick Through The Dirt.

March Crackness 2012 Is Upon Us.


In the spirit of the NCAA's March Madness Tournament, we here at Crappy Rappers have decided to run our own tourney of sorts to solve, once and for all, who is the biggest drug kingpin on wax. 

Our selection committee (me and Theo), have chosen 16 worthy participants who, if their rhymes rang true, would make Danny Cort look like Danny Tanner.  We've split the cocaine cowboys into two divisions: The Dwayne Gittens Division and the Nino Brown Division.

  • Dwayne Gittens Division
    1. Yo Gotti
    2. Pusha T
    3. Gucci Mane
    4. Fat Joe
    5. Red Cafe
    6. Raekwon
    7. 2 Chainz
    8. Gunplay
  • Nino Brown Divison
    1. Young Jeezy
    2. Rick Ross
    3. Gillie Da Kid
    4. French Montana
    5. Jadakiss
    6. T.I.
    7. Cam'ron
    8. Neef Buck

How the king shall be crowned:

Each round will consist of a five song playoff between the paired rappers to see who can make the most drug references in roughly 20 minutes of music.  The championship will consist of one full project from each rapper. 

Any reference to drug dealing (including bird flipping, etc.), drug making, and paraphernalia counts as 1 point (if the reference is on the hook, it will only count once).  The rapper with the most points at the end of the round moves on.

The Heavyweights a.k.a. Hood favorites: Young Jeezy and Yo Gotti.  These guys could move a brick in their sleep. 

The Marlo Stanfields a.k.a. Don't sleep:  Neef Buck and Red Cafe.  What these guys lack in song quantity, they make up for in hustle (pun intended).

The Proposition Joes a.k.a. Wily veterans:  Raekwon and Fat Joe.  Never count an O.G. out.  They've been doing this since the 80's.


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