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Quarter(brick) Finals- Arm and Hammer Man Vs. Don Cartagena



Jermaine goes against Joseph (Where's Michael when you need 'em). Joey Crack is known for his over-did mafioso turned trapaholic persona with over a decade of powdered rhymes. Besides being label-tossed for the last 7 years, Red Cafe raps about crack- oh and he acts ( i love the lexington steel sideburns). I was extremely suprised at how lopsided this bout but that's the nature of the game.

Fat Joe's (only) classic album, Don Cartagena, is a mafioso stlye LP but, the sample of records radomly selected were off the triple beam scale. Of the five songs, "The Hidden Hand" (which was my favorite song off my cassette) featuring Big Pun and a gang of good rappers that got jerked, tallied up 9 points. That was the highest score of the five. The title track only has 2 dope lines!!!! two "2 for 5 purple tops"??? One of them was a reach (Joey Crack counts). The Luck of the draw also garnered "Bet Ya Man Can't (Triz)" with Pun and the Jerkees......(jeopardy music).....1 point. Altogether Lil Joe2  copped 16 bricks. The smallest elepant in the room.

What else? Jermaine (not cole) should be in our next tourney entitled" Rappers that can't go on without rapping illegally". Number-1-fuckin-seed ass crapper! Arista/BadBoy/Konvict/StreetFam/Loud/Rawkus/Violator/T-Neck/Death Row's own Iz-Ar (spell check) is a walking talking hyperbole of  A-1 fishcale yola! The first song reviewed, "Show Me Free" (a diss record to Jay-Z for rapping like that over a great beat) , The "Black Burt Reynolds" drops 7 of 'em to his workers. His game high was 14 on "What it be like". I'm not going to say much more about Red Cafe. Why? Because I don't like to start trends (drum roll). Seriously, get a discography on Wiki, my friend. I can't even hyperlink all the songs because they're not on youtube. 

The Total: Fat Joe-16 Red Cafe-33 ( DAMN DAMN DAMN !!!!!)

HIGHLIGHTS: "I dont know how to Dance- I'm not a Dancer" -Red Cafe

          "When that nigga Armageddon coming out?"-Random Guy on "The Hidden Hand"