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March Crackness Quarter(brick) Finals-Dwight Gittens Division


So here we are at the Greatest Show On Earth. For the first round of action we have none other than...The battle of the Fiend for Dealing and the Dealer that Fiends....We have number 1 seed Yo(la) Gotti and  #8 Gunplay aka Suga Booga...Why is Yo Gotti a top seeded contender, you ask? It could be that he has a 54 song per tape series entiled Cocaine Muzik (pronouced Myou-Zick), could be the hit songs "Love with a White Girl", All White Everything, and his major label debut "Live From None other than the muthafucking Kitchen". I digress.

Let's start off with the self proclaimed "Bogota Rich" Gunplay and his mixtape "Off Safety" (see what he did there?) He has a good start with a song named "No Arm and Hammer" which has a chorus that goes a little something like this: No Arm in Hammer in my Hanna Montana. Within 15 second of the song, he sinks a two point and after the whole 3 minutes of coca-strophic poportions has expired he winds up with 11- not bad pookie...not bad at all. Throughout the 5 song listen, there are some weaker moments. His Track 8 pick from his 4th solo effort, "Skrate Up Menace" is not only audible but introspective and half enjoyable. Needless to say he only got 6 points. The mixtape offers some onesy/twosy white lines that you can "bump" to (i.e. Track 9 "Herbalist" only garnered 4 points---The HERBALIST!!)  

Now its time for ya boi Yo Gottaaayyy!!!! The album in question is Back to Da Basics. Basic is an overstatement from the look of these song titles. First up to bat is a little diddly called "Full Time"...I have to give off a full Rick Ross Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! 11 of them thangs (4 in the chorus alone) put that in your ziplock and sell it. An abso-fucking-lutely funny song named (clears throat and make sure mom's nowhere to be found) "Shawty Violating (Wup That Hoe)" hurt Irv Gotti's brother (no relation) and my ears due to La Chat being involved- only two points (whats with Memphis people alway wanting to whoop women?). But Oh no don't count Lil Yo out yet! "Cold Game" gives Memphis' Finest 12 tallies.


After reviewing both samples of "work", there can only be one-word to Highlander- the total for this round is Gunplay- 31 Yo Gotti-33. Don't worry, Gunplay, if it's any consolation, you will always be the King of Coke to me. I think it's still early for a Crack is Wack Whitney Houston Joke so....yeah




"Junkie!!! Junkie!!! Junkie!!! Whips, Pussy, Money!!! - Gunplay 

 "You still gonna do time, why you runnin' ya lips!" - Yo Gotti