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#MajorLabelMonday - "There's always Gunplay."

I've got to be honest, there was a lot of back-and-forth when trying to come up with the inaugral artist to kick off our Major Label Monday series.  Here's how the actual conversation went:

Simon: "Major label Monday...[southern artist who is sure to be on in the future]?"

Theo: "Perhaps, but we have to get a good song,"

Simon: "I'm about to start looking."

Theo: "Cool."

Not one minute later.

Simon: "There's always Gunplay from Maybach Music."

Theo: "Gunplay!!! I'm laughing just thinking about that coke stint."

And there you have it.  So, enjoy Gunplay's "Bogota", there's a latina with a huge ass walking a horse (creepy Brazzers cameraman not included) and rhymes about cocaine and rims (surprise!).

Gunplay - Bogota

Discount Double Check?

In honor of Aaron Rodgers and the Packers of Green Bay, I present to you Soul'O.  Proud son of Wisconsin, Soul'O wants us to know that the almighty dollar is the reason why we are killing and stealing from each other (as you can hear for yourself on the god-awful hook).  


I'm not exactly sure what Soul'O was getting at in this video; there's snuff footage, pictures of homeless people, scenes of him and his homies in someone's basement bar, and really akward scenes of him on a boat.  I won't even mention the gratuitous "nigga" use throughout the video, as I am an equal opportunity n-word supporter.  


Something sure is rotten in the state of Wisconsin.


Trial and Error

All jokes aside, when do crappers get together on the "video set"/club scene/studio/3rd illegimate child's 3rd birthday party and say, "Hey guys, let's all take our shirts off for this one."I digress. Let's travel down to red clay roads of Atlanta and watch Another Bad Creation all grown up...awwww....and let us hear stories of poverty that include a time where one couldn't "make it rain". Now I'm no stickler for common sense (go cop that "Take Care" Album) but, there's soo many oxy-morons, oxy-cleaned t-shirts, and um....morons...Get these guys in school, Michael Bivins


Rich Regardless-Try Me


Crappy Things Come to Those Who Wait.


It took awhile, but the cream rose to the top.  I was thisclose to clicking the "x" on this video, then 4:43 happened.  It went from "eh, this sucks," to *blank stare*.  It went from "IM UH HOOD NIGGA" to some song called "Swaggin."  And boy, is it awful.  Yikes.  Sometimes patience is truly a virtue.


That Don't Make No Sense


 What happens when you realize that you've made an excessive amount of money? Calm down, of course! It's also seems to be tradition to make your friends perform homo-erotic shirtless dances (@3:06) in the um..."club". I really want to understand at what point do these rappers say "Hey, I think this club scene would look much better if I took my shirt off." Fucking stupid...excuse me. Woohsah


 Bullet Boyz (ManChild, Rated R & Luch) - WoohSaah